Royal Pyrotechnie Concepteurs et distributeurs de feux d'artifices

We’ve got the green light…

in the office

  • We use recycled paper;
  • We use both sides of the paper for our drafts;
  • We use computerized filing methods and electronic transmission software (fax by computer);
  • We recover our ink cartridges;
  • We have recycling bins for all recyclable materials;
  • Our heating system is programmed to lower the temperature at night;
  • Computers, lights and electrical appliances are turned off after hours;
  • We try to avoid wasting water;
  • We use biodegradable cleaning products;
  • We use reusable cloth hand towels.

We’ve got the green light…

In the warehouses

  • We have collection bins for all recyclable materials;
  • All recyclable materials are sent to the recycling center;
  • We reuse some empty containers for small tool storage;
  • We use energy efficient light bulbs;
  • We use an ecological geothermal heating system which takes its heat source directly from the ground;
  • We don’t leave our vehicles idling;
  • We use low fuel consumption vehicles whenever possible.

We’ve got the green light…

For the fireworks shows

  • More and more of our fireworks are made from decomposable recycled paper;
  • All our products are Canada-approved and many toxic chemical components are prohibited;
  • After our shows, we carefully rake the ground to ensure no residues are left behind;
  • We only cover our mortars with protective paper in case of bad weather;
  • We avoid using disposable water bottles whenever possible.
  • We also plan to acquire 2 electric vehicles in the near future.

Product distribution

Éco Pyro products

Royal Pyrotechnie is concerned about the environment and is committed to doing its part to ensure that future generations grow up in a cleaner and healthier world

For the young and old who watch our fireworks performances in joy and amazement, we respect the strictest of environmental guidelines

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Royal Pyrotechnie Concepteurs et distributeurs de feux d'artifices